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Keynote – Friday Night – Bonnie Artman Fox

We Are Family, Speak Straight

The culture of Toastmasters is often described as “we’re like family?” Members are positively supported to heighten speaking and leadership skills. At the same time, just like a family, disagreements are inevitable. Do you ever find yourself reacting during a meeting to a fellow Toastmaster like you do with your family? Perhaps avoiding giving constructive feedback during an evaluation for fear of how your fellow member will react? During this fun and enlightening session, you will learn how to Speak Straight in order to celebrate the positive and address differences productively so your club is healthy and thrives!

About Bonnie
With over 25 years as a Psychiatric Nurse and Licensed Family Therapist, Bonnie Artman Fox is an expert in relationships and how family dynamics show up in the work place (and Toastmaster’s Clubs). Bonnie works with senior leaders as a catalyst and coach for behaviors that drive team collaboration, productivity, and results.Bonnie is a Professional Member of the National Speaker’s Association and Secretary of the Pittsburgh Chapter. As a Toastmaster, she has earned her Competent Communicator and Competent Leader status. She is currently working on her first book “How Did My Family Get in my Office?” To learn more about Bonnie, go to

Guest Speaker – Friday Night – Stephanie Turman

Step Up to the Plate: Lessons Learned About Starting a New Club

Stephanie engages us about the new member experience at LEV Toast Club, a new club that is forming on Pittsburgh’s Northside. She talks about her successes and challenges as acting president, as well as the boost she’s received from North Hills Toastmasters. Chartering a new club is an opportunity for all of us to Step Up to the Plate and engage new members and clubs in Toastmasters.

About Stephanie
As president and founder of Always Busy Consulting LLC (ABC), Stephanie offers an acumen for team building, problem solving, inclusive leadership and community empowerment. Turman’s company was founded on the principles of achieving her vision of having a transformative impact on the local community and its various stakeholders. Turman has built up ABC to become a premiere provider of high-quality professional consulting services in the spheres of Diversity Outreach, Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WDBE) Development, Construction Support Services (e.g., CM, Inspections, Owner’s Rep), Community Outreach, and Economic Development Program Management. In addition to her demanding schedule in leading ABC, Turman also serves as a Commissioner on the Port Authority Board and the Allegheny County Finance and Development Commission.

Keynote – Saturday Breakfast – Paul Artale

HIT HARD: 3 Must Have Mindsets to (re)Design Your Life
What does your ultimate life look like to you? What dreams or goals do you have? I was born with a unique set of arms that were short and missing fingers. This didn’t stop me from loving sports, especially football. As a child I dreamed of playing football at the college level. People thought I was crazy because I thought that dream was gone when I was cut from my high school football team. Six years later I found myself running onto the field at Varsity Stadium, wearing the jersey of the University of Toronto. Hit Hard will share with you 3 Must-Have-Mindsets you need to (re)design the life you want. You will leave with all the tools you need in taking the power step towards your goals.Session outcomes:

  • Tackle imposter syndrome and other toxic thought patterns
  • Create your work-life playbook
  • Practice Like You Play. Understand the simple but vital 3 step process to create a winning mindset.
  • Draft Your All-Stars. Identify and recruit your success team.
About Paul
Paul Artale (DTM) is a motivational speaker who works with organizations who want to light a fire under their members so that they can achieve peak performance. Paul’s signature keynote “Hit Hard: 3 Must-Have Mindsets for (Re)Designing Your Life” talks about how despite being born with physical challenges, and being cut from his high school team, Paul still managed to achieve his dream of playing college football. As a Toastmaster, Paul has won several speech contests and has been a semi-finalist in the world championship of public speaking. Paul is a member of the National Speakers Association. In October he will release his first book, “The 2 Year Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance.” When he isn’t speaking Paul is being coached by his wife Sherri, his son Alessio, and daughter Sofia. For more information visit
For a link to his first book, click here.

Keynote and Award – Saturday Lunch – Joe Klimchak

Dream. Believe.
As part of this year’s event we are honored to be presenting the Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Award to Pittsburgh Pirates’ In-Game Host, Joe Klimchak, an Aliquippa native and lifelong  Pittsburgh Pirates fan. Joe Klimchak inspires people of all ages to pursue their dreams by detailing his roundabout path to his dream job as In-Game Host at PNC Park.

Joe doesn’t simply challenge others, but passionately details the beliefs, habits, mindset, and action steps that will make any dream come true. Joe will be presented with the Communication Achievement Award at lunch and we look forward to having him share his guiding principles About Joe: An Ordinary Joe
My dad took me to my first Pirates game in 1976 and it was love at first sight, smells, and sounds. At the age of seven, I had found my happy place. The bright green turf of Three Rivers Stadium, the blended aroma of nachos, beer, and billowing cigars, the upbeat melodies of organist Vince Lascheid and, most of all, the dulcet tones of Art McKennan on public address. While most of my friends dreamed of being the next Pops, Cobra, or Scrap Iron, this Aliquippa kid dreamed of one day being an announcer for his beloved Buccos. That dream came true in 1994 when I won an audition to become the club’s back-up public address announcer, and in 2005, when I became the In-Game Host at PNC Park.

While the atmosphere of a Major League ballpark is still magical to me, today I find equal pleasure in challenging people of all ages to pursue their dreams.

-Joe Klimchak

More about Joe Klimchak – pdf

Keynote – Saturday Dinner Gala – Matt Scoletti

Be Bigger Than Yourself

Consistent growth, attitude, and energy, are three habits to help guide you to do something bigger than yourself. Matt will share with us how you can change your life, earn your DTM, and feel good!

About Matt
Matt Scoletti, known as “Mr. Livin the Dream,” is the Founder of Livin the Dream, LLC. He wasn’t always the guy who got things done. In his late 20s, reality got hold of him and he realized his life was not going in the direction he had planned. Looking down the road looked more like it could lead to a nightmare, rather than a dream.Matt made a decision that changed the trajectory of his life. The changes he made reinvented his health, his business, and his life. Matt replaced his directionless and sometimes destructive habits essentially recreating his entire life. Since making the decision and fixing his habits, Matt has earned two World Record titles, been featured on the TV show American Ninja Warrior and in Pittsburgh Magazine’s “40 under 40” as an up-and-coming business leader, and contributed thousands of dollars to non-profits by biking 250 miles in 24 hours. Even his mistakes have brought him money and a little fame on America’s Funniest Home Videos television show.Matt holds a degree in marketing from of the University of Richmond. He is a sought after motivational speaker who has influenced audiences at educational and non-profit meetings and conferences. Matt coaches others to design a life that leads to their own dream. Matt’s first book, The First 15: The Morning Routine That Took Me From Barely Surviving to Livin The Dream is due out this fall.For more about Matt, visit him on Facebook: 

Keynote – Sunday Breakfast – Paul Artale

The 2-Year-Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance: How to Fit Toastmasters into an Already Busy Life

Whether you just joined Toastmasters or you’re working overtime to get that DTM before the deadline, adding another thing to a busy life can sometimes feel more stressful than it’s worth. Based on Paul’s upcoming book of the same name, this workshop will teach 3 foundational work-life strategies as taught by his 2-year old son Alessio. These strategies will help you better manage yourself, your priorities, your obligations in Toastmasters and put you on the pathway to high performance leadership.

In this session you will:

  • Tinker with the building blocks that construct your personal and professional boundaries
  • Play a game of hide and seek to understand how your values system impacts you
  • Say the magic word that makes work-life balance a reality