Conference Workshops

Don Michel, DTM

Master Change Sitting Down

Do you struggle with change? The good news is that you're not alone. The Harvard Business Review suggests that 60-70% of all change initiatives undertaken in organizations fail. Could it be that the change was a bad idea? . . . Or is it because the leaders failed to fully embrace the concept of change management and lacked a strategy to drive it?

During this session, you will learn the key elements of change management, and how success cannot be achieved without all three.

You're paying for an entire seat, but you will only need the edge! Be there on April 30th or risk missing out on a life "changing" experience!

Paul Matthews, DTM

Story Coaching

Paul Matthews has been a Toastmaster for over 10 years. In that time, he’s had the honor of competing at the district level, presenting for audiences across the country, and establishing his home club in Pittsburgh’s Northside.

Learn the elements of a great story, develop your own, practice, and gain valuable feedback to increase your impact and effectiveness as a storyteller.

Fred Vornbrock, DTM

Leveraging the Experience Economy as Speakers

This workshop will challenge Toastmasters to design routine speaking functions such as a sales pitch, a coaching session, a training session, an interview, etc., as an experienced-based event to make these common activities more engaging and fun!

The Experience Economy has been around for three decades. Yet, many sectors in our economy have not adapted to this paradigm shift. Nor have many speakers sadly.

How do we shift our speaking to be less transactional and more experience-based? This highly interactive breakout session will provide a common understanding of the Experience Economy and quickly immerse the participants into hands-on experiences to help them develop the skills they need to fully engage their audiences.